Willie’s Remedy 8oz Whole Bean Regular Strength Coffee, 113MG CBD


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The coffee is sourced from various smallholder farms in Colombia’s Santuario region, it’s a medium-dark blend with balanced acidity that packs a powerful aroma, with flavor notes of cherry and cocoa. The proprietary coffee blend is composed of three bean varietals: Castillo, Colombia, and Caturra, and infused with certified organic, full-spectrum hemp oil grown in Colorado. (Whole Bean Coffee)


– Use 1⁄2 oz. (2 heaping tbsp) per 8 oz. This yields a 7mg serving of CBD per 8 oz. cup of coffee.

– Choose a coarse grind; brew using a hot water method such as French press or Moka pot.

– Avoid paper filters, they absorb the beneficial hemp oil!

INGREDIENTS: Roasted coffee, full-spectrum hemp extract

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